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Size46 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Rainbow shark (Lenny)
1 Trinidad Plecostomus (Angelina)
6 Tiger Barbs (Mexican Mafia)
3 Green Barbs
3 Cherry Barbs
1 Dalmation Molly
1 White Molly
1 Peacock Eel
FiltrationTetra EX45
Carbon/floss filter

Emperor 400
Lighting2 Eclipse natural daylight F30T8 36"
Decor(all fake)

1 Large Rock
1 piece of driftwood
8 plants
Blue/white gravel
AccessoriesCustom bubble wand made to surround the tank on all 3 walls.

Heater that never comes on

Tetra Whisper 100 Air pump
Algae Pellets
shrimp pellets
tropical granules
From Inga on 01/14/11
Love the Tiger Barbs and Rainbow shark. I have them too and they are really fun to watch. Pretty fish, great pictures! Love them all.
From dorabaker on 08/25/10 comment before i typed anything... stunning tank! i love your choice of fish and the photos are just amazing. :D
From dorabaker on 08/25/10
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/15/09
AMAZING TANK! i love bowfronts i want one :( love the tiger barbs :)
From fighttest on 09/07/09
is one of your tiger barbs gravid?
From willow on 04/16/09
i love that picture of the tiger barb doing a head stand.
From willow on 03/20/09
your tank is beautiful.
From Tyyrlym on 01/20/09
Even if it is fake that's still a nice looking rock and driftwood.
From Mike on 01/18/09
Great looking tank and awesome pics. I really got a feel for your aquarium because you added so many of them.
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