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Merry Michael
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NameMerry Michael
OwnerMerry Michael
Size6 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Betta
3 Fancy Guppies
3 Dwarf Platys
3 Mini Corys
FiltrationAquaClear Power Filter (I threw the box away,so don't know the # !!)
LightingZooMed Low
DecorPlastic/silk plants
Old Roman "ruins" and columns
Blue med. gravel
AccessoriesFinnex Heater 25
FoodHikari Betta Bio-Gold,Hikari Algae wafers,Hikari Freeze-dried Tubifex,Sally's frozen Brine shrimp,Omega One Super Color flakes,Omega One Shrimp,Sally's Betta Diet,Tetra Color flakes,Aqueon Betta pellets,BettaMin Tropic Medley,Aqueon Color Tropic flakes,...phew!
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