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Goldie tank
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NameGoldie tank
Size75 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Ryukin
1 Oranda
1 Black moor
2 Pearlscale
1x Dragon Eye
Lighting3x T5
DecorWood, Fake plants, Anubias
Accessories300W heater
From Alasse on 04/16/14
The tank is way bigger than 4 gallons lol. Something messed with the stats i wrote in originally. The tank is 75gal
From aussieJJDude on 04/16/14
Wow, it so lush that the fake plants really look real! your golies are super lucky, however the tank looks bigger than 4 gallons
From LaurenKK on 01/30/14
oh this is so beautiful! I like it very much.
From willow on 01/29/14
very impressive,i like this a lot.
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