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New 45g
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NameNew 45g
Size45 Gallons
InhabitantsRummmy's, Emporer Tetra's, Albino Cory's, Common Pleco
FiltrationCascade Internal
Lighting2x15w Daylights (GE)
Rotala India (all along back)
Vallisneria Asiatica (small runners)
Cryptocoryne Walkeri (small)
~and as alway~ Nymphea Lotus Red :-)
From trukgirl on 06/15/10
Wow look at your plants!! Awesome!!
From dramaqueen on 03/10/10
Very pretty tank! I like all the plants.
From Mikeyboi86 on 02/28/10
Pretty, I love the little albino cory sitting in the lotus! too cute.
From Amphitrite on 02/23/10
Very nice looking tank.
From NickMDal on 02/22/10
Nice rummy nose's. Had them back in the 80's. Most gorgeous things until my girlfriend thought she'd surprise me by vacuuming the bottom and topping with untreated water. Haven't had a tank since. Anyway, nice to see them looking so beautiful in your tank!
From Mean Harri on 01/29/10
I like this tank. Very nice.
From cmc29 on 01/24/10
What a lushly planted's beautiful!
From Angel079 on 12/22/09
Sure thing (if I figure out how to edit my profile LOL)
From aunt kymmie on 12/22/09
PS. Plant list, please.
From aunt kymmie on 12/22/09
Tank looks really nice! Love the Rummys. :)
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