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55g community
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Name55g community
Size55 Gallons
Fertilizerflourish comprehensive, flourish root tabs
Inhabitants5 Assorted swordtails
10 albino cory cats and a couple others
1 Pterygoplichthys pardalis pleco
Filtrationpenguin 200 HOB
tetra whisper single HOB
Hydrosponge IV thats cycling
Lighting2x 24" T8 aqua rays
DecorEchinodorus bleheri
rotala wallichii
Red crypt
java fern
water sprite
Foodall kinds of stuff
From DragonFyre14 on 01/06/13
The fish at the end with the long trailing fins is just gorgeous! Is that a swordtail?
From stetez on 12/16/12
love your centre piece plant looks great
From Adamson on 02/20/12
That is a rhino pleco in your pictures right? And what is the big plant in the center?
From Boscobear on 02/13/12
Wow, that sword is cool, how long have you had this plant to get it that large. Was it small when you first planted it?
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