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Name180 FOWRL
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size0 Gallons
Protein SkimmerASM G3
InhabitantsBlond Naso Tang, Veliferum Sailfin Tang, Yellow Tang, Scopas Tang, Tomini Tang, Clown Tang, Foxface, Porcupine Puffer, Cuban Hogfish, Majestic Angel, Clarkii Clown, Kleins Butterfly, 2 Yellow Tail Damsels
FiltrationLiive rock, aragonite sand, and a protein skimmer are the only methods of filtration. I also use a bag of activated carbon in the sump and a UV Sterilizer that runs full time as added insurance against the spread of disease.
LightingStandard florescent full spectrum tubes.
Temperature78 F.
DecorLive rock coated with beautiful coraline algae!

I also have a 38 gallon Quarantine tank, where all newly added livestock lives for 3-4 weeks prior to being moved to the display.
AccessoriesWeekly testing of alkalinity and calcium. Supplement with Kent Marine Liquid Calcium and Kent Marine Super Buffer DKH.
FoodFive or more feedings per day, twice 6''x12'' algae sheets. I also feed garlic enhanced pellets daily, and a huge variety of frozen and flake foods.
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