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54 Bowfront Reef
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Name54 Bowfront Reef
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size0 Gallons
Live Rock80+ pounds
Sump10 gallon
Power Head(s)No. Return from sump is split to provide adequate water movement.
Protein SkimmerYes, in sump.
Lighting ScheduleBlues on for 14 hours, whites for 10, moonlight on all night.
Dosing ScheduleKent Marine Liquid Calcium and Kent Marine Super Buffer DKH as needed.
InhabitantsGreen Star Polyp, Yellow Polyp, Button Polyp, Mushrooms, Green Leather, Toadstool Leather, Hammer Coral.
Six Line Wrasse, Coral Beauty Angel, Ocellaris Clown, clean up crew.
FiltrationLive rock, sand, and Protein Skimmer. Use of activated carbon and phos guard in the sump.
LightingCompact Florescents
Temperature76 F.
FoodI feed the fish daily, a small feeding of flake or frozen foods.
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