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JHK30 Aquarium
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NameJHK30 Aquarium
Size30 Gallons
Inhabitants1 blue gourami
1 black skirt tetra
1 serpae tetra
5 baby platys
1 baby guppy
1 bristle nose pleco
1 bronze corydora
3 Otocinclus
FiltrationAqua-Tech 20-40 H.O.B filter
DecorFake plants, rocks
Accessories2 airstones on each side
FoodTetraMin flake food
Micro wafers
algae wafers
zucchini slices
From Amphitrite on 04/10/09
Beautiful gourami JHK :-)
From veganchick on 04/07/09
looks great! Whats it stocked with?
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