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The big tank
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NameThe big tank
Size127 Gallons
Inhabitants2 paradise gouramis, 2 honey gouramis, 3 pearl gouramis, 4 reed fish, red tailed shark, 2 Fire Mouth and 3 angels.
Filtration2 large 120ltr carbon/ general and a 250ltr uv stererlizer.
Lighting2 narva 35wat/030
DecorPetrified wood, mini castle, Cannon, many rocks etc and a no fishing sign !
FoodNutrafin max flake food and some algae wafers
From Soyuki on 11/17/13
I'd move the oscar, he will om-nom all your gorgeous fish and mess up your pretty tank (unless it's glued down xD)
From mileshs95 on 09/28/11
great fish but keeping all of those small fish with an oscar is a mistake he will eat them. also you should never put 2 red tailed sharks in the same tank. just fyi
From christina l k on 03/18/10
wow your fish are so flowing and gracefull. really anice variety of fish
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