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10gal Freshwater
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Name10gal Freshwater
Size10 Gallons
FertilizerActiv floura Substrate
Flourish comprehensive supplement
Flourish root tabs for swords
Inhabitants3 Amano Shrimp
3 Dwarf Puffer Fish
FiltrationMarineland 100B Penguin
Lighting1CFL 10 watt 5100K (daylight)
1 CFL 10 watt 6700K (colormax)
Temperature82 degrees
Amazon sword
Vallis Nana
Vallis Spiralis
Hygrophila Agustifolia
Java moss
Java fern
Some sort of Hygrophila not sure which
Kyoto grass
FoodBrine shrimp
From Mean Harri on 02/05/10
Oh my. You have puffers. I love puffers. I didn't know you had puffers and I'm jealous. Your tank is very well done. It looks great.
From Angel079 on 01/18/10
Don't ask me why, but this one is my fav set up of yours :-)Loving it
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