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2nd New Shrimp Farm
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Name2nd New Shrimp Farm
Size10 Gallons
C02 SystemNO CO2
FertilizerNo Ferts
InhabitantsCurrent ~15 Ghost Shrimp 1 Betta
Coming Soon: Killi
FiltrationSponge Filtration as always
Lighting1x15W Daylight
DecorJava Fern, Hair grass, Clover, Stargrass
From dormfish on 10/15/11
Dog is thinking, "Popcorn shrimp sounds good tonight."
From Kim on 05/16/10
I love the slope to the sand! It is a terrific looking tank :)
From tanker on 03/23/10
What a gorgeous little dog. I hope he's not expecting dinner!
From stephanieleah on 01/15/10
I love your doggie!
From fulmeralex on 01/08/10
I love the way this tank looks. the sand goes beautifully with the rocks and bright green foliage!
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