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29 gallon angel tank
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Name29 gallon angel tank
Size29 Gallons
Inhabitants2 black angelfish
FiltrationAqueon Power Filter 30
LightingFlourescent strip
DecorArtificial/Real plants, artificial driftwood
Accessoriesair stone
Foodflake food
From Freddy on 02/20/11
Ah, the comment button is working again! It's been a long time since I updated this. The angelfish in these photos are just different varieties. Now I've got two black angelfish, but for some reason lately the water will just not get clean! :P oh well.
From kitten_penang on 10/10/10
whats the type of angel eileen was asking before? looks real nice.ive never seen them locally here before
From eileen on 06/09/10
I love you angelfish with the stripe thu the eye. I had a pair that got along until one died and I bought another one and they fought so I rehomed the one and bought just 1.
From eileen on 05/20/10
Nice tank of Angelfish. How did you manage to get all 3 to get along? I can only keep 1 in a 55 gal. as the 2 small ones fought all the time. I love the Angel with the stripe over it's eye. What kind of angel is it?
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