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9 gallon
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Name9 gallon
Size9 Gallons
Inhabitants4 Zebra Danios, 4 Leopard Danios, 5 African Dwarf Frogs
FiltrationUnder gravel filter
LightingLED 1.8 watts. 77 lumens. 7000 degree Kelvin. And 120 degree angle beam.
DecorFake plants
AccessoriesWater Heater
FoodFrozen bloodworms
From lunawatsername on 05/17/11
its beautiful! but... 24 fish (etc) in a 9 gallon? o.o im surprised they dont run into each other, especially because tetras and danios are suppose to be really active... anyway, pretty tank :)
From fish fan on 07/22/10
awesome tank
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