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amazon river
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Nameamazon river
Size72 Gallons
Inhabitants1 butterfly koi, and 2 kinhoi koi, also 1 small 4 in red finned tinfoil barb, and two larger tinfoil barbs( with all there beautiful colors:)
Filtrationmarineland bio wheel emperor 400 hang on filter as well as a penguin 400
Lightingtwo 40w flurecents
Temperature76 degrees give or take
Decorriver rock and bamboo plants
Foodbrine shrimp egg as well as cucumber and koi pellets
From Nilet699 on 01/25/13
AS per below..... I'm also VERY confused as to how this is an amazon river scape......?!!?
From FishyFishy89 on 01/25/13
Tank is way too small for those kio. Rehome them.
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
kio come from china/japan and the barbs come from Indonesia and other surrounding islands
From scalar on 04/30/10
your tank is to small for koi they need a 100gal each if not more i have the same fake plant btw. nice tank
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