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Fish City
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NameFish City
Size127 Gallons
Protein SkimmerThe one integrated with the Pro Clear
Inhabitants1 Stars and Stripes Puffer
1 Golden Dottyback
FiltrationPro Clear Wet Dry w/ Pre Filter
LightingStrip light
TemperatureSubmersible Heater
DecorTwo caves, one of which is heavily guarded by the golden dottyback!
FoodFlash frozen silver sides
Red sponge (angel food formula)
Large fish pellets (watching the bird wrasse grab and "run" with one of these things is reminiscent of football)
From Pearl2011 on 06/19/12
He looks so chubby! Adorable! :)
From terryap on 11/15/09
what a beautiful fish alomost looks as though it's smiling
From rebeccaroy on 03/01/09
This puffer is so cute! I have a porcupine puffer and he is the best. They are like dogs they are so trainable. Love them! Cute pics!
From paradise4nangel on 01/21/09
Your puffer looks almost likes it's muggin' for the camera. What a cutie.
From Sucidemonkey on 01/20/09
Nice Puffer! Has it inflated while in the tank? I use to catch Brackish Puffer Fish and rub their spiky belly :P
From willow on 01/20/09
i'm on my way over to your house to puffernap shamu !!
From beweeb on 01/19/09
he is so cool
From aunt kymmie on 01/18/09
How can you not love the face of that puffer?? Personality plus!
From Amphitrite on 01/17/09
Shamu looks so cute! Great pictures :-)
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