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Size75 Gallons
Live Rock75lbs
Sump20 gal
Power Head(s)3
Protein SkimmerPrizm delux
RO/DI SystemRo/DI
Lighting Schedule9 hrs
Dosing ScheduleRandom, when I get around to it. LOL
Flow Rateno clue
Inhabitantslots of coral and fishies
Filtrationwet dry, carbon
Lighting260 watts of PCs and 108 watts of T-5s
From aussieJJDude on 02/28/13
Wow, that is a cool reef tank! Good job ;D
From mastershake93 on 04/07/10
nice tank, whats the big red thing? is that an anneneme?
From dom2477 on 03/03/10
your tank is great i hope to do as well as you some day thanks for the pics
From aunt kymmie on 01/05/10
I love your tank. How about a few close ups?? :)
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