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Discus Tank
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NameDiscus Tank
Owneraunt kymmie
Size100 Gallons
C02 SystemNot Yet...
FertilizerFlourish Comprehensive & Root Tabs
InhabitantsDiscus, Cardinals, Rams & Loaches.
FiltrationBuilt in Wet/Dry, Fluval 405
LightingTwo 24" Coralife Power Compact Fluorescents 6700K (Total Watts: 260)
One 48" LED Moonlight Strip (only running 130 of total watts available)
Temperature82 Degrees
DecorMalaysian Driftwood & Plants.
FoodOcean Nutrition, Omega One and New Life flaked foods, Assorted Hikari Foods (sinking pellets, wafers) A wide assortment of frozen foods, (Emerald Entree, Formula Two, mysis, beefheart, cyclops, daphnia, bloodworms, rotifers, cyclopeez, baby brine) and last but not least, Kent's Zoe vitamins.
From thekoimaiden on 07/10/12
Simply gorgeous! Can we get a plant list? I'd like to set up a tank like this some day.
From Assault0137 on 05/30/12
thats a very nice discus you have there..
From brokenrules69 on 02/01/12
amazing tank!
From Jayy on 11/30/11
Very nice discus
From fashionfobie on 04/14/11
Your fish are adorable =)
From Curt on 02/26/11
Love the video! I also love the setup in your home that is awesome! It almost seemed as the orange one was jealous of the camera time ;)
From dramaqueen on 02/19/11
Awesome pics!
From Plumkin on 01/24/11
You'r fish are the most prettiest I have ever seen ! I want to live in your tank :D when I start a Discus tank one day I would love all the advice you have to offer! Have you had the lil babys live?
From jbonez on 01/19/11
kymmie, nice tank i like it alot :)
From Ellador on 12/29/10
Wow Kymmie, I am blown away by your fish, and your tank is amazing! Did I say wow... wow again! ; )
From aunt kymmie on 10/02/10
In this tank are 8 Discus, 2 Rams, 18 Cardinals and 6 Otos in this tank.
From james7139 on 10/02/10
can you wright how many of each species you have? other than that amazing tank,and congrats
From aunt kymmie on 09/23/10
Thank You! This is their very first spawn and they are currently guarding wrigglers. :)
From LisaC144 on 09/23/10
Just caught the 2nd video of your 2nd pair spawning. Very nice!
From aunt kymmie on 09/03/10
Ha! If we lived closer I'd make you come remodel mine!! Yes, I love little Ms. Snow Flake...or whatever her color is called.
From LisaC144 on 09/03/10
WOW! That Snow White really is stunning! Great pictures, Kym. I really wish we lived closer so you could come remodel my tank.
From fish fan on 07/28/10
Beautiful tank I hope some day my plants look that good.
From Inga on 07/16/10
Kymmie your tanks are all so lovely. Motivates me to keep trying. Do you have Bolivian Rams as well? Loooks like one in the picture.
From Kbrink on 04/24/10
What a beautiful tank setup you have, and I love the pictures of your fish!
From Pep on 04/06/10
oh geez, I love your tank Kymmie. That alcove setup is just fantastic. I really enjoy your plant layout. Looks very "natural".
From tanker on 04/02/10
Your plants are so lush and your fish are beautiful. (I hope that one day I'll be able to get photos as good as yours.) Gorgeous tank.
From Byron on 02/21/10
I really like this aquascape, well laid out and beautiful.
From dramaqueen on 02/21/10
Beautiful tank, Kym!
From Mean Harri on 02/16/10
Wow! Just wow. I love your tank placement. Awesome tank. Love it.
From HollyinWA on 02/08/10
Wow! Beautiful tank and love how it is set in! I love the Denison's too. Good work!
From trukgirl on 01/29/10
What a beautiful tank, and what a PERFECT location!!
From Angel079 on 12/26/09 have Dennison's dang these are beautiful and the spot for the tank, excellent I envy you for this built in solution! Wonderful tank!!!
From stephanieleah on 12/18/09
Wow. Your plants look so healthy. It's all absolutely gorgeous.
From BerkB33 on 10/26/09
Very Pretty Tank and Alcove. Not sure I should post my tanks...that's a hard act to follow. It's obvious you enjoy yourself.
From aunt kymmie on 10/22/09
Thanks so much for the kind words. The alcove was built especially for the tank and the art hanging above was done by a very good friend of mine. It's hard to tell from the photos but she painted aquascape scenes in complementary colors as the decor. :)
From MoneyMitch on 10/22/09
wow, did you intentionally make that space in your house to keep your tank there? Never seen your tanks before looks GREAT!
From aunt kymmie on 09/22/09
I agree, loaches are great. If only I had room for some more!
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/21/09
Loaches are the bestest eh Auntie? :)
From kal123456 on 09/05/09
awesome tank!!
From willow on 08/13/09
outstanding,and a beautiful location.
From zombiefish610 on 08/11/09
Love the new pics...ahh how tanks evolve...
From zombiefish610 on 05/29/09
I wanna see the moss wall!!
From Kim on 03/07/09
That is an absolutely gorgeous tank Kym! It really makes me want to get a huge tank just like it - I think you need to copyright your tank!
From veganchick on 02/16/09
OMG THAT IS AMAZING! I don't currently have anything bigger that a 10 gallon set up!
From tophat665 on 01/29/09
Holy Carp, Kymmie! That's a gorgeous tank. Love the Denisonis schooling.
From willow on 01/20/09
i love your tanks,they're beautiful :)
From beweeb on 01/17/09
wow your tank is awesome
From Amphitrite on 01/17/09
That's a really beautiful tank you have there Kym! :-)
From Sucidemonkey on 01/17/09
I can see alot of detail from the reflection of the room your tank is in. Who is that crossing their arms? and are you taking the picture? LOLOL Anyways I really Like your Planted Tank, i hope mine grows like yours is. Also everytime i vaccum my gravel. i think of how leveled yours is. HOW DO YOU DO IT?! lol
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