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Betta One
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NameBetta One
Owneraunt kymmie
Size6 Gallons
FertilizerFlourish, Kent Pro Plant, Root Tabs
InhabitantsOne Betta, three Otos
FiltrationIntegrated 3 system unit w/ Bio Wheel
LightingFull Spectrum Natural Daylight Fluorescent
Temperature80 degrees maintained by a Stealth 25 watt heater
DecorPlants & Driftwood
FoodHikari Bio-Gold Betta Pellets, fresh frozen mysis, bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp & spirulina, fresh spinach & cucumbers for the otos.
From Babyfins on 01/21/11
Wow! This is exactly what I picture my betta's palace to look like. I bet it is a fun place for him.
From aunt kymmie on 07/18/10
Thanks! He's very spoiled ;)
From doggyhog on 07/18/10
What a beautiful tank and your betta is gorgeous. :)
From vaygirl on 04/08/10
He's a great dalmation and the tank is amazing!
From veganchick on 03/13/09
Very cool fishy! What plants do you reccomend for low lighting with ottos?
From Amphitrite on 02/05/09
He's a really stunner Kym, I love his colouring!
From tophat665 on 01/24/09
Pretty boy. He looks like hard candy.
From Mike on 01/17/09
Very pretty betta fish, AK!
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