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38g Small Tropicals
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Name38g Small Tropicals
Size38 Gallons
InhabitantsBlack skirt tetras, neon tetras, and a few livebearers (platy, swortail, molly)
FiltrationAqueon 30 and TopFin 40
Lightingflorescent strip
Temperature76 degrees
DecorPlastic plants, artificial rock (Husband likes it / I hate it -- looks like Fred & Wilma Flinstone's house!), and a driftwood stick.
AccessoriesTetra Whisper 60g Air Pump w/ two corner airstone disks
FoodTetra Tropical Flakes, Veggie 8, and Bloodworms
From ltkettch17 on 01/20/10
I like the rock too, but once I saw the Flinstone comment it now really reminds me of their house.
From finsNfur on 01/10/10
That's a beautiful tank! I actually like the rock, and the blue background, too.
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