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Owneraunt kymmie
Size6 Gallons
C02 Systemno
FertilizerFlourish, Flourish Excel
Inhabitants9 neon tetras
FiltrationIntegrated 3 system w/ bio wheel
LightingFull Spectrum Natural Daylight Fluorescent
Temperature78 degrees
DecorDriftwood & Plants
FoodTetramin & Wardley flakes
From noledoc on 11/23/10
Kym!! I'm looking at your pics. Your Discus tank and the videos almost put tears in my eyes. What an inspiration. Makes me want a discus community tank, but can they live in a community?
From fish fan on 07/30/10
nice tank. I just love neons they are some of my favorite fish.
From aunt kymmie on 09/22/09
I will be posting some soon :)
From Ramenuzumaki on 09/21/09
piccies pwease!
From aunt kymmie on 09/10/09
Sadly, I lost my betta and have now added nine neon tetras. I hope to add some cherry shrimp to this tank soon :)
From willow on 02/15/09
how lovely ! you make me want a SSF. :)
From tophat665 on 01/23/09
That's a nice little tank, Kymmie. He'll be a happy boy.
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