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Ownerbob reed
Size14 Gallons
InhabitantsAncistris Pleco,6 Black Skirt Tetra,5 Black Neon Tetras
FiltrationAqua Tech / Bubbler / Sponge
LightingLed Night / Day WOW!
DecorSparse Java Moss / Fake Plant / Rock
FoodWardley Tropical flake food
From Poleren on 03/25/14
Oh nice camera work.
From bob reed on 03/25/14
Thank you for the comment. Ye I know it is over stocked a little. That is why I added a second filter and I do watch the levels every day. I wish I could take credit for the decoration but most of it is just part of the background. There are only 4 actual pieces in there. The fake plant on the left, the rock nd the Java Moss behind it and the sponge filter on the right.
From Poleren on 03/24/14
A little overstocked but really well decorated.
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