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Community Tank
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NameCommunity Tank
Size56 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerFlourite substrate under top gravel
Inhabitants2 Black Angels (both are young one younger than the other)
3 Black Phantom Tetras
2 Red Wagtailed Platies
This tank is mainly going to have Angelfish. The Tetras and Platies were not meant to go in here but they ended up in here anyway. Don't have the heart to put them back in the small tank.
Filtration2236 Eheim ECCO Canister Filter
Large Sponge Filter with Powerhead
Lighting2 Life Glo Full Spectrum, 6,700 K's, 20 watts each, 24 inches
1 Sun Glo - 17 watts (came with tank) will be replacing this with either Life Glo or something else
Temperature78 degrees
DecorNot done yet. So far, large driftwood and small driftwood.
1 cluster - Live Sword plant
1 - Umbrella Plant (just found out that these are not normally an underwater plant, but was sold as one.
1 Anubia
4 tall fake plants
1 fake fern
Small rocks
Accessories200 Stealth Marineland heater
FoodHakari Pellets
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