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dae's 40 gallon hex community
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Namedae's 40 gallon hex community
Size40 Gallons
Inhabitants3 GloFish (one of each color)
3 black skirt tetras
5 serpae tetras
1 firemouth meeki
-professor hinkle
2 female silver mollies
1 male dalmation mollie
1 female gold dust mollie
1 female dalmation lyretail molly
1 freshwater flounder
1 rainbow shark
3 lemon tetras
2 zebra danios
1 angel fish
2 peruvian blue tetras
1 yellow mystery snail
2 little pointy snails (sp.?)
Filtrationaquaclear 50
Temperature78 F
Decorplants (live)
Accessoriesbubble wall
aqueon 150 watt 30-55 gal heater
FoodTetraColor flakes
wardley shrimp pellets
aqueon tropical fish flakes
Wardley fish treats krill
HBH super soft spirulina pellets
freeze dried blood worms
From finsNfur on 09/10/11
Haha, for a moment I was wondering why the fish were all lying on their sides. Beautiful!
From platyfishlover123 on 09/09/11
Beautiful tank and setup I wish I had a tank that size with tht many fish. Many people don't understand the love of fish... :) sorry well basically AWESOME tank! :D
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