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Start up S/W
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NameStart up S/W
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size65 Gallons
Live Rock45lbs...25 lbs sand
Sump26 gallons w/filter and regugium
Power Head(s) 2 500GPH
Protein SkimmerReef octopus 150 in sump
Inhabitants2 percula clowns....1 black orcillis clowns...1 diamond spot Goby...1 yellow belly damsel... 2 pajama cardinals...1 mandarin Dragonet... 1 lawn ,mower blenny...hermit crabs peppermint ..turbo snails... fuzzy chitons,,,certh snails.. tuxedo urchin...emerald crab... feather dusters
FiltrationDIY 26 gallon sump with refugium ( housing live pods and macro algae) reef octopus classic in sump skimmer...sock filter and polishing filtration in final chamber
Lighting 2 T 8 10,000 K fixture set @ 10 hours.... 2 T 5 duel bulb with 1 Actinic and 1 10,000 k bulb set on 8 hour timer.... 2 Moon light LED strips..1 dusk/dawn actinic bulb in a DIY fixture
Decormacro algae..
Accessories2 little fishies phose ban Gen... 1 charcoal ... 1 phose ban.... 2 little fishies Kalkwasser..R/O/D/I set up.. auto refill on sump
FoodFreeze dried brine shrimp... freeze dried Krill... Frozen Mysis shrimp...home made shrimp/scallop/clam paste...Cyclops eeze ( frozen)
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