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29g Reef
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Name29g Reef
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size29 Gallons
Live Rock27lbs
Power Head(s)2) Maxi-Jet 400
1) Rio 90
Protein SkimmerAquaC Remora with Maxi-Jet 1200 and Surface Prefilter box
Calcium Reactor
Lighting Schedule10am - 10pm
Dosing ScheduleAs needed
Top Off SourceRODI
Inhabitants2) False Percula Clownfish
1) Red Fire Cleaner Shrimp
1) Emerald Crab
10) Astrea Snails
3) Nassarius Snails
LightingCurrent USA Satellite 2x65W with Moonlight
DecorFlower Leather
Neon Green Capnella
Accessories200W Heater
FoodFrozen Mysis Shrimp
Formula 2 Flakes
From trukgirl on 02/21/11
That goby has beautiful color!
From bloo97 on 02/15/11
Love those shots of your fish! Spectacular!
From fishesfriend on 07/28/10
Nice tank! I love your bangaii!
From Mike on 07/14/10
Beautiful tank! Your goby's picture caught my eye. That's a nice looking fish.
From pretzelsz on 02/20/10
It seems to be coming along nicely... can't wait to start mine
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