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Fish Friends
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NameFish Friends
Size14 Gallons
Fertilizersome liquid stuff that also helps plants
Inhabitants4 neon tetras (was 6; 2 just died), 5 bloodfin tetras, 2 painted tetras (orange and pink), 1 pleco, 3 ghostfish, 2 apple snails, 3 plants (one looks like watercress; one has thin dark pink leaves; and one is kind of low-lying and has large smooth dark green leaves)
FiltrationAqueon Quietflow 10
Lightingtwo 15-watt incandescent light bulbs
Temperature80 F
DecorFake coral, Spongebob pineapple
Accessoriessmall suction-attached thermometer
FoodTetraMin tropical flakes
From nags on 05/02/12
got any pics of your ghostfish? I have 3 ghost/glass cats and love them
From thefishboy on 08/26/10
Is it a common pleco because that wll out grow ur tank quickly!
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