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55 Gal Oscar (TAKEN DOWN)
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Name55 Gal Oscar (TAKEN DOWN)
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Adult Oscar Female
1 Large Plecostomus
2 Adult Convicts Male (Temp)
1 Adult Yellow Lab (Temp)
Filtration1 Fluval 405 Canister Filter
1 Cascade 1500 Canister Filter
Lighting2 overhead fluorescent 15 W T8 8000K
Temperature78 F
DecorBlue Gravel, two large flat rocks, fake log, large hollow rock, two large fake plants
AccessoriesRed LED Airator
FoodCichlid pelets, alternating days.
From jbonez on 02/20/11
nice tank shes pretty...
From cbirk on 12/26/10
We call her Grouch. (originally we were told she was a he)
From Ostara on 09/30/10
She's gorgeous! Does she have a name? :)
From cbirk on 09/11/10
Well I knew she was a female when she laid a bunch of eggs on a flat rock I had just set in. Until then I thought she was a he HAHA
From konstargirl on 07/27/10
How can you tell from a male to a female oscar?
From trukgirl on 05/01/10
Isn't she pretty!! :)
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