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35 Gal Medium Community (TAKEN DOWN)
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Name35 Gal Medium Community (TAKEN DOWN)
Size35 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Medium Plecostomus
2 Angel Fish
3 Odessa Barbs
FiltrationWhisper 40 waterfall
Lighting1 overhead fluorescent
Temperature80 F
DecorSeveral small fake plants, small skull,Large budah statue
AccessoriesAir pump
FoodTropical fish pellets 5 days a week, Frozen bloodworms/Brine Shrimp 2 days a week. 1 Algea wafer a day
From cbirk on 11/06/13
42572, we will have to disagree. So does several experienced angelfish keepers, and most angelfish care sites I have seen. The Angels are non aggressive, and healthy. They all lived here for 6 years before we gave them away due to moving cross contry. So you can feel good at least that they are no longer living in a condition you consider poor. I do not know their current condition however so who knows.
From 42572 on 06/27/13
I'm sorry to say but your tank is overstocked, angel fish should have at least 55 gallons unless they're a breeding pair, even then thirty five gallons is small. Along with a pleco that just makes it supppper overstocked
From WhiteWitch on 04/25/13
You have no idea how much I want your tank right now.
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