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SPS-Nut Reef
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NameSPS-Nut Reef
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock140lbs
SumpNot yet
Power Head(s)2
Protein SkimmerModded Skilter 250 (ew, i know)
RO/DI SystemAir, Water, & Ice
Lighting ScheduleActinics 11am-9 MH#1 12pm-7 MH#2 1pm-8
Flow Rate1300gph
Top Off SourceManual
InhabitantsMated False Percs, Naso Tang, Flame HawkFish, Firefish, Clown Goby, Tiger Goby, Many SPS corals, and softies.
Lighting2x250w MH 14,000k Hamilton, 40w true actinic
DecorOpen Aquascaping
FoodPersonally made, Formula One, and Coral Frenzie
From mastershake93 on 04/05/10
wow, that rosebud annename looks amazing haha
From Amphitrite on 08/06/09
Lovely! :)
From rebeccaroy on 03/01/09
Beautiful corals and wow you keep that sparkling clean!
From chris55 on 02/16/09
Love the tank cant wait to get mine setup (55 also)
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