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20 Gal Long Firebelly Toad (TAKEN DOWN)
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Name20 Gal Long Firebelly Toad (TAKEN DOWN)
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants4 Firebelly toads
Filtration1 underwater filter
Lighting1 60 watt Light bulb
1 100 watt heat lamp
Temperature78 f
Decor1 Lilly pad
2 hanging fake plants
1 sun rock
Accessoriesunderwater heater
Food4 Crickets every other day
From cbirk on 12/26/10
Fire belly toads. 20 of 40 survived and raised to about an inch long, then sold to LSF, It was a lot of fun!
From james7139 on 09/18/10
What kind of tadpole?
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