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Marineland Eclipse System 6
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NameMarineland Eclipse System 6
Size6 Gallons
Inhabitants2 sunburst platies (female)
1 red wag platy (male)
1 red tailed calico platy (female)
1 really pretty blue and orange platy (male)
1 long finned black skirt tetra (female)
2 neon tetras (unsure of gender)
1 pale blue and dark red betta (male)
LightingNormal fluorescent lighting
Temperature72.5 F
Decoramazon sword
FoodTopfin Tropical Colour-Enhancing Flakes
From konstargirl on 06/02/10
Nice tank. :3 are your platies breeding right now? I love hybrid fry. >< It just so unique to watch.
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