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29 Malawi
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Name29 Malawi
Size29 Gallons
Inhabitants1 Electric Blue Johani
1 Demasoni
1 Auratus
1 Brichardi (actually a Tanganiyka... 2 yrs so far so good)
1 Chinese Algae Eater (also 2yrs SFSG)
FiltrationWhisper In-tank 40 w/ extra bacteria pad
LightingStandard Florescent aquarium tank hood/light (fish only tank)
DecorLimestone reef in center of tank intentionally built with plenty of caves and passageways,
just a few tall plastic plants to cover back of tank, and a couple small plastic plants in front of reef, 1 small egyptian "artifact" jar with holes to swim through laying in front of tank
AccessoriesWhisper air pump, All Glass 100w heater
FoodAqueon cichlid pellets, O.S.I. cichlid pellets, Hikari algae wafers
From Canadian Fish on 11/18/12
I like the way you've set up the stones!
From Reece on 12/02/11
awesome tank!
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