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125 Gallon Cichlid
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Name125 Gallon Cichlid
Size125 Gallons
InhabitantsMixed African Cichlids
Gold Severum
Common Pleco and Albino Bristlenose pleco
FiltrationOtto Canister filter
Rio pump
Penguin 150
LightingT5 and PC
Temperature75-80 F
Decorlimestone holey rock and driftwood
FoodHBH African Cichlid attack
Wardley Cichlid
Wardley Tropical Flakes
Algae Wafers
Fresh Romaine lettuce weekly
From ElectricBlueJackDempsey on 10/30/10
nice job! way to give a good home to some big cichlids.
From Kbrink on 08/19/10
Your fish are beautiful, and i love your tank!
From ThalesthePearsei on 06/19/10
yeah, i change half the water once a week. keeps the water clean and the cichlids growing :)
From scalar on 04/28/10
i love your tank almost makes me want to keep cichlids you do alot of water changes?
From ThalesthePearsei on 03/26/10
No, actually its not. I have some of the healthiest fish of everyone on the forum.
From konstargirl on 03/26/10
The tank is really overstocked. >
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