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75 Gallon Community
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Name75 Gallon Community
Size75 Gallons
C02 SystemN/A
Inhabitants1x Bolivian Ram
1x Electric Blue Ram
4x Gold Rams
4x German Blue Rams
1x Keyhole Cichlid
1x Male Veiltail Betta
11x Diamond Tetra (6 Started Spawning)
10x Neon Tetra
9x Glolight Tetra
4x Emperor Tetra
1x Columbian Tetra (Came with the Diamonds by mistake)
9x Red Eye Tetra
6x Harlequin Rasbora
4x Panda Garra
3x Otocinclus
1x Albino Longfinned Bristlenose Pleco
FiltrationAquaclear 110
Lighting48" Single t8 Bulb
Temperature82 Degrees Fahrenheit
DecorLive plants, River Rock, Slate, Driftwood
AccessoriesFluval E300 Heater
FoodFrozen Blood Worms, Flakes, Omega One Betta Pellets, NLS Cichlid Pellet Omega One Cichlid Pellet, Algae Wafers
From jaimiemay on 07/21/14
beauty tank! love it!
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