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55g mixed community
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Name55g mixed community
Size55 Gallons
Inhabitants6 neons (rescued)
6 black neons (rescued)
6 rummy nosed tetras (rescued)
2 tiger barbs.( Rescued)
2 Khuli loaches (rescued)

6 Pepper corys
yoyo loach
polkadot loach
adult goldsot plec
juvenile BN plec
Bulldog plec
1 huge fat Molly
Panda garra sp?
2 Boeseman's Rainbow
6 Harlequins
2 cherry barbs
FiltrationFluval 205
Lighting1 x 36" aquaglo 30w
1 x 36" lifeglo 30w
DecorMainly bogwood and juvenile plants at the moment.
FoodTetra pro colour flake, Frozen bloodworm and algae wafers along with odd bits of veg now and again.
From AK Fresh Water on 06/23/12
That Yoyo Loach is adorable!
From Assault0137 on 05/16/12
pretty tank what do you mean by 'rescued'
From konstargirl on 07/11/10
Pretty tank.
From betta G on 07/10/10
very nice tank
From willow on 06/06/10
you've got the same make of tank as me :) looking good.
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