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Lisa's 5 gallon betta tank
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NameLisa's 5 gallon betta tank
Size5 Gallons
Inhabitants1 male betta
2 mystery snails
Filtrationinternal filter
Lighting7w Bright Effects bulb
DecorSmall driftwood
Anubias Nana
Java Fern
2 Amazon Swords
Foodpellets, flakes
From aussieJJDude on 07/05/12
OMG that betta is awesome
From Erin8D on 05/25/11
Pretty betta(: And I love the natural look!
From willow on 10/18/10
absolutly beautiful.
From arunsai on 09/25/10
Speechless! This is SO beautiful!
From konstargirl on 07/27/10
Pretty!! =D
From Redknee on 03/27/10
From LisaC144 on 03/09/10
Thanks forthe compliment, Matt! If you ever wantto change your Elipse, let me know. This is just simply set up with 4 live plants, black sand, and a small DW.
From matt waeltz on 03/08/10
I wish my Eclipse 5 looked like this! I can't stop viewing these photos.
From LisaC144 on 03/05/10
Thank you very much guys!
From aunt kymmie on 03/05/10
Beautiful tank. If I was a betta this is exactly where I would want to live!
From Mean Harri on 03/03/10
I really like this tank. It has a great calming effect. Very nice Lisa.
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