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10g misfit's tankk.
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Name10g misfit's tankk.
Size10 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerAqueon Plant food 1 dose a week
InhabitantsMy little bro's betta, and a balloon molly I was going to move with my angelfish but he was getting picked on but I had no room so I put him in there... small pleco I need to get rid of or put in my 44g till he gets too big?
FiltrationNone.. :S I just let the plants work their magic.
Lighting2x 10 watt 6500k (well, it says full spectrum, and on the site for my light model it says 6500 K but on the package it doesn't.) flourescent
Temperature80 degrees
DecorRome ruins decor thingy, gravel.

Plants: Rotala Indica, Java Moss, Ludwigia Repens, dwarf sag, corkscrew val, and lots of hornwort.
FoodFlake atm, gonna try to get the betta pellets to the betta and flake to molly only...
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