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24 gallon saltwater (read info)
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Name24 gallon saltwater (read info)
SubstrateCrushed Coral
Size24 Gallons
Live RockComments: My dad mostly takes care of this fish tank so I don't know that much about the info. I bought it firstly but I was lazy for a while and he sorta started taking care of it (I know, bad...) and now idk how to really so I just let him do it cus he keeps the stuff alive. :p

Also yes, there is live rock.
Controller/TimerThere is a light timer.
Lighting ScheduleAbout 10 hours a day. going to lower... 10 hours is too much I think.
Top Off SourceRO freshwater from the fish store.
InhabitantsOne blue tang (giving her back to the fish store soon she's getting too big :( ) and a percular clown. No I didn't buy them cus of finding nemo I just liked them! :p
FiltrationNot sure it's built in the back.
LightingNot sure on this either I don't remember what lighting I bough with my dad. We bought what this salt water fish store told us to get for our coral. They are due for a replacement though, the bulbs.
Temperature75-76 degrees
FoodPellets, plankton for coral.
From aussieJJDude on 07/20/13
Wow, this tank is awesome! Tell you dad that it rocks ok :) and I agree with you about the tang getting too big, he/she does look a bit cramped in there :)
From balloonmollies3 on 03/21/10
Love how it looks! =)
From Jennaaa on 03/15/10
Looks Healthy. (:
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