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Main tank
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NameMain tank
Size10 Gallons
FertilizerSeachem Flourish
Inhabitants6 Danio (zebra,leopard +1 golden zebra)
2 female Guppy
2 Neon Tetra (getting more to replace fatalities)
2 x Bamboo shrimp
2 x Assassin snails
Filtrationelite stingray
Lightingas standard 1 x 15W
Decor3 x Bogwood & lots of plants
AccessoriesThermometer & heater
From aussieJJDude on 08/13/13
Wow, thats stunning! :) Good JOB!
From CatSoup on 04/18/12
From MinaMinaMina on 10/15/11
From Tomsk on 05/18/10
thank you for your kind words,my first effort at aquascaping.
From aunt kymmie on 05/15/10
Your tank is beautiful! I love your aquascaping. :)
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