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Corner Bow
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NameCorner Bow
Size92 Gallons
InhabitantsAngels, rummynose, cardinal, GBR, Bol. ram, pleco, oto, a. caucatoides
FiltrationxP4 canister
Lighting192 W PC
Foodflake, plus homemade shrimp/salmon/banana/peas/garlic mishmash, frozen, ground
From Jayy on 05/08/12
Great setup
From finsNfur on 05/31/10
Absolutely stunning!
From Tyyrlym on 02/11/09
Very nice looking set up. I love your selection of amazonian species for it.
From willow on 02/04/09
i think your tank is beautiful,the angels look lovely in there too.
From beweeb on 01/31/09
very nice tank
From aunt kymmie on 01/28/09
Would love to see pics of your tanks. They sound beautiful.
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