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65 gallon angel tank
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Name65 gallon angel tank
Size65 Gallons
Inhabitants2 angel fish (spawning pair)
1 neon tetra
Decorlive plants, tufa rock, plastic rock structure
From dorabaker on 06/28/12
gorgeous tank!
From bettababy on 05/15/12
To everyone else... no the spider was not real, it was a window decal that was left out after Halloween and I stuck it on the tank when I washed my windows. It drew interest to the tank from house guests so I just left it there. It still moves around from tank to tank in my house just as a conversation piece because it looks so real.
From bettababy on 05/15/12
No aunt kymmie, this was not one of my break downs... the tank is still going strong with the male angel and some gold white clouds... nothing else has changed.
From bettababy on 05/15/12
Yes, 1 neon tetra... the last of the school that lived in that tank for a very long time... however, it is no longer with me anymore, nor is the female angel. I lost the neon quite some time ago and the angel almost a year ago now. It appears to have been dropsy that took her. Otherwise the tank still looks the same with the male and now some gold white clouds in it with him.
From doki on 05/14/12
1 neon tetra?
From aunt kymmie on 07/27/10
Beautiful tank, Dawn. Please don't tell me this was one of your break downs...
From Erin8D on 07/24/10
The rocks are beautiful! In fact the whole tank is(: Ah! Spider?
From KSASTER2 on 04/15/10
From willow on 03/14/10
i like this alot,was/is the spider real though on the outside ?
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