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75 gallon angel tank
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Name75 gallon angel tank
Size75 Gallons
InhabitantsNewly set up, will have 1 pair of spawning angelfish and 8 cory cats...

As of July 2010 this tank has been retired to storage due to the foam background causing major cyano bacteria problems. Plan to use it later as a frog tank. This tank has been replaced by a standard 75 gallon I will post photos of soon.
From konstargirl on 08/04/10
That looks nice!!
From dfbiggs on 08/04/10
That looks really nice...and that a flat background that looks 3D or what did you use?
From trukgirl on 05/27/10
That background looks great!
From scalar on 04/28/10
wow that back round looks so real.your set up is really nice?how do you get/or make that back round?
From bones14 on 04/15/10
Love that backgroung.
From willow on 03/15/10
it's going to look amazing with that combination of fish. please update when you have them. :)
From dramaqueen on 03/15/10
Very pretty tank!
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