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150Gallon Reef Build
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Name150Gallon Reef Build
SubstrateArgonite Sand
Size127 Gallons
Live RockAbout 120+ lbs
Sump29 gallon DIY
Power Head(s)HK2, HK3, HK4
Protein SkimmerRed Sea Berlin Classic
Controller/TimerDigital Timers from the Hardware Store
RO/DI SystemKent Marine 60 gpd
Lighting Schedule11 hour Actinic/ 6 hour 10,000k
Dosing ScheduleBionic 2-part twice/week
Flow Rate2650/powerheads; 1200/return pump
Top Off Sourcemanual
InhabitantsHippo Tang
Juvenile Sailfin Tang
2 True Percula Clownfish
Bangaii Cardinalfish
Mandarin Dragonet
FiltrationLive Rock/Live Sand/Protein Skimmer

LightingCurent USA Nova Extreme Pro 72" 12 bulb 39watt T5HO
Temperature78-79 degrees F
FoodSheet Algae
Frozen Spirulina/Brine Shrimp
Omega One Pellets w/ Garlic
From mollies on 04/03/10
nice tank. i like it.
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