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47 gal Community
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Name47 gal Community
Size47 Gallons
C02 SystemNone
FertilizerAPI root tabs, Flourish Comprehensive 1 x per week
8 x Neon Tetra
5 x Glowlight Tetra
8 x Pristella Tetra
9 x Longfin Panda Corydoras
1 x Whiptail Catfish
2 x Bolivian Ram
4 x Otocinclus macrospilus
2 x Amano shrimp

Amazon Sword
Pygmy Chain Sword
Corscrew Vallis
Giant Vallis
Java Fern
Java Moss
Anubia spp.
FiltrationEheim 2215
Lighting2 x 30w Juwel
Decor3 types of wood
Accessories200W Rena Smart Heater
Glass Thermometer
FoodKing British Flake, Hikari Sinking Wafers, Hikari Micro Pellets, Hikari Cichlid Gold, frozen bloodworm, live treats
From KatSea on 02/26/13
From leogtr on 05/18/11
oh thats very nice I would love to live there if I was a fish!:)
From TFish on 09/21/10
From dorabaker on 08/26/10
gorgeous tank!
From fish fan on 07/25/10
I have Glowlights too. Mine are very curious, are yours?
From aunt kymmie on 07/19/10
Lovely tank! Your plants are beautiful, and so are your fish. Sweet set up!
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