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QT/Hospital tank
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NameQT/Hospital tank
Owneraunt kymmie
SubstrateBare Bottom
Size10 Gallons
InhabitantsMalaysian Trumpet Snails
FiltrationAqueon Quietflow 100 gph
Lighting15 wt CF 6500 K bulb
TemperatureA steady 84 degrees maintained by a Stealth 100 watt heater
DecorClay potted swords and a bit of Java Fern and Moss
AccessoriesA nylon sock filled w/ seeded substrate
From aussieJJDude on 07/06/12
Good job, i bet sick fish love it in there
From Plumkin on 01/29/11
how cute =] he looks so happy n.n
From noledoc on 11/28/10
Just checked it out Kym! Thanks for all you do on the forum. Paul
From christina l k on 03/19/10
thats a neat idea -potted plants pretty fish too
From LisaC144 on 03/18/10
Love it! Soooo unique! Hope your discus is okay...
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