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54 Corner Bowfront
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Name54 Corner Bowfront
Size54 Gallons
Live Rock75ish Lbs.
SumpPlanning 15 high
Power Head(s)1 Hydor Koralia
Protein SkimmerAqua C Remora Pro
Controller/TimerDigital and one Marineland for Light
Lighting ScheduleActinic T5 5:00 A.M-5:52 PM, MH 6:45 A.M.-3:59 P.M.
Inhabitants12 Dwarf Hermit Crabs, 3 ? Snails, 3 Mexican Turbo Snails, 1 Sand Sifting Star, A small colony of Zoas or Polyps, some Xenia, a Feather Duster, a large Greenish Bubble Coral, 1 Organ Pipe, 1 Small Chromis, and 1 Small Longnosed Hawkfish
FiltrationMarineland C-220 Canister Filter
Lighting17" 150 Watt MH Pendant (15,000K) with 2 14 W Actinic T5's
TemperatureAbout 78-80.4*F
DecorLive rock lined on back walls and live sand on bottom
AccessoriesWooden Stand
FoodFrozen Brine, Flake, and occasionally freeze dried brine
From aussieJJDude on 03/07/13
OMG, this reef tank is awesome :D I want it so bad!
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