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The Banana Zagnut Dwelling
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NameThe Banana Zagnut Dwelling
Size5 Gallons
Inhabitantsalbino bushy nosed pleco (banana), female betta (zagnut)
Filtration tetra pf10
Lighting16" flourescent strip light
Decorseveral good sized rocks, java ferns, anubias, driftwood
Accessoriesheater, thermometer
Foodtetra bettamin, wardley betta pellets, hikari tropical sinking wafers
From aussieJJDude on 03/09/13
Wow, how did you have algae and a BN catfish together?? Been trying for years :D
From braykbeat on 10/25/10
thanks...unfortunately, zagnut died and i moved the albino bushynose into a 20 with some other fish...i'll put some of those pics up in a bit. :)
From doggyhog on 09/10/10
Very nice tank!!
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