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55 reef
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Name55 reef
Size55 Gallons
Live Rock65lbs
Sumpnot yet
Power Head(s)(1) hydor karolia 2 and (1) penguin 550
Protein SkimmerCPR backpack 2r+
Calcium Reactornot yet
Controller/Timertimer on lights
RO/DI Systemnot yet
Lighting Scheduleon at 8am and off at 7pm
Dosing Schedule3-4ml of calcium daily, 5ml of stontium/molybdenum every 3 days, 5ml of iodine,coral-vite,trace elements once a week
Flow Rate1245gph total including filters
Top Off Sourcebuckets
InhabitantsFish- (1) tomato clown, (2) percula clowns, (1) hippo tang, (1) domino damsel, (2) yellow tail damsels, (3) blue-green chromis. Corals- (2) toadstool, mushrooms, and zooanthids. inverts- (2) bubble tip anaename, (1) nullie crab, and a bunch of snails
Filtration(1) filstar xp2 canister filter and (1) marineland c-160 canister filter
LightingCoralife Aqualight Double Compact Fluorescent Strip Lights- 240 watts
Decornone besides the rock and coral
Accessoriesblack stand and canapy,
Foodocean nutrition prime reef flakes for the fish, mysis shrimp for annename and fish, and zooplex for corals
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