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Gukos Tank
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NameGukos Tank
Size20 Gallons
Inhabitants2 Royal Blue Gouramis
2 Black Swordtail
1 Yellow Guppy
1 Blue tailed Guppy
1 Baby Guppy
DecorOxygen - Sunken Ship
Hiding Rock
Sunken ruins
Green plant
Yellow Plant
Red Plant
AccessoriesPicture on back of aquarium
50/50 lightbulbs
20 Gal filter
40Gal airpump
78-82 Heater

FoodTetra Flakes
From Kelly100 on 07/05/12
I LOVE IT !!!! I LOVE IT !!!
From Chopstick Chick on 10/30/10
Very colorful! Nice set up.
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