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Main 50g
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NameMain 50g
Size50 Gallons
Fertilizerroot tabs and API leaf zone
Inhabitants5 albino corys
5 zebra danio
5 harlequin rasbora
6 neon tetra
3 black molly
2 bolivian rams
2 otocats
1 neon blue dwarf gourami
7 ghost shrimp
FiltrationJebo 835
1000 liters/hour
LightingAt the moment just 2 15 watt plant fluoros
Temperaturesteady around 77
coconut house
lava rock
Foodsinking cichlid pellets
tetra color enhancer flakes
brine shrimp
mosquito larvae
From Austin on 07/20/13
Beautiful tank!!! I have the same tank and 2x 15 watt plant flourescent bulbs. Did you get all those plants growing so well on that low of light?
From MinaMinaMina on 10/15/11
an oasis!
From isimek on 06/17/10
breath taking.
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